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Statement Necklaces for All

Statement Necklaces for All

With summertime right around the corner (got to be optimistic, right??), I thought I'd share one of my favorite accessories for sprucing up a lightweight summer outfit: statement necklaces. Don't misunderstand me - these are not your stereotypical H&M, basic, everyone-has-them kind of statement necklaces. (Do I sound like a snob? Sometimes I can sound like a snob) I'm talking about beautiful, one-of-a-kind works of art you can hang around your neck. Something so quirky and fun that even strangers will stop you to comment on them. That's probably my favorite kind of jewelry!

I've been growing my collection of statement necklaces for the past few years and I've found a few designers I really love who seem to pretty consistently hit the nail on the head. Elva Fields is one who I've talked about on here before, but who always seems to get it right. I also love Lulu Frost, c. 2012 J. Crew (back when they were anything but basic), and lots and lots of vintage!

Without further ado, here are a few of my favorites I've collected throughout the years...

kate spade cherries necklace

Kate Spade - Cherries Necklace

I bought this chunky cherries necklace from Kate Spade last summer because it reminded me so much of 1940's bakelite necklaces I'd always swooned over but never been able to afford. It really is a perfect imitation. In the fall, I love to wear it with a soft burgundy turtleneck, jeans, and tall riding boots. Cherry red lips to match, of course.

Elva Fields

Elva Fields - Resilient Again

Tim bought me my first Elva Fields necklace for Christmas last year and it was a total surprise! I gasped when I opened the brown paper box and saw a mess of brilliant yellow beads sitting pretty in my lap. It's absolutely perfect. The color is so shocking that I only wear it with pieces like my softest deep navy velvet dress, black and white striped turtleneck, or classic white button down. With a necklace like this, I don't need any other accessories.

bali necklace

Colorful Beaded Necklace - Bali

This necklace is special because I bought it on the beach in Bali when I was eighteen. I remember I got it from an artist's stall on the side of the boardwalk. I also bought a little wicker basket and beaded bracelet that day, both of which I still have (and love!). It's perfect with linen tee shirts and high-waisted shorts on the hottest summer days and always makes me think of the ocean.

Kate Spade cactus necklace

Kate Spade - Cactus Necklace

I bought this cheerful little piece while on our honeymoon in Palm Springs, California. It was my first time in the desert and I wanted something bright, colorful, and memory-filled to always remind me of that week. The stripes on the "pot" beg to be worn with black and white striped dresses, of course.

Elva Fields necklace

Elva Fields - Lounging in the Lawn

And last, but not least, my current favorite: this Elva Fields original Tim snagged for me off Elva's sample sale instagram account @ElvaAwesome (a really great resource for discounts on one of a kind pieces!). It doesn't get any better than this - African glass and coral beads with a vintage fringed and jeweled hat ornament and pink Lucite earrings. I wore it on Easter with a rose patterned dress, but I also love throwing it on with honestly anything with pink, green, white, or black in it!

Because a collection is never complete, I'm always on the hunt for new and exciting pieces. Currently eyeing Lulu Frost's Moorea Collage Necklace, Elva Field's Blooming Branches and Hot Pink is a Party,  and Bauble Bar's Queen Bee Collar (if I can ever find it on eBay!). What's on your wishlist?

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