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The Best Spots to Grab a Bite (and Snap a Photo) in Chicago

The Best Spots to Grab a Bite (and Snap a Photo) in Chicago

beatnik chicago

One of my favorite things about living in Chicago is how over-brimming it is with amazing and quirky little restaurants and bars. In the winter, we never want to leave our apartment and prefer to stay in and make pasta and soup. But in the summertime, when the days are long and walking to the train stop is a breeze, we enjoy spending our evenings downtown and frequenting our favorite spots! Below, I've rounded up a few of the more aesthetically-pleasing spots to grab a quick bite to eat in Chicago (and maybe even snap a few Instagram photos).


I've blogged about Beatnik before, but it's honestly because I just can't get enough of this funky, bohemian, green-filled restaurant. We've been for brunch several times and ordered our fair share of chai cinnamon rolls and pork fried rice with runny golden eggs. They also have fabulous (and gorgeous) brunch cocktails - perfect to start off your Saturday on the right note! We've never been for dinner, but I hear the evening menus are equally impressive. Anyone want to go with us?



Equal parts gorgeous and cool, this Hawaiian-inspired boutique restaurant in Wicker Park is the perfect place to slip away to on a hot summer day. The poke bowls are colorful and fresh, and the upstairs bar offers some of the most amazing views of Wicker Park. Oh, and the neon signs can't hurt either.

Publican Anker

publican anker

Another great Wicker Park spot that Tim and I discovered a few weekends ago via a friend's suggestion. This place was both quiet and cozy, but the food was honestly amazing. Asparagus frites, fries with garlic aoli sauce, grilled trout with veggies... all the best comfort food on offer in one of the hippest parts of town.


taxim chicago

Yet another amazing Wicker Park spot, this rooftop bar and restaurant is one of my favorites in Chicago! The food is absolutely incredible and authentically Greek, albeit a bit hard to order. There's also an extensive wine list and a rooftop garden, so this is the perfect place to linger for a bit on a warm summer evening, after the sun has dipped a little and the night is just beginning!

A few other spots I haven't checked out on my own yet but really hope to visit this summer:

Lost Lake | The Flamingo Rum Club | Z Bar | Dusek's Board and Beer | Au Cheval

What's on your list this summer?

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